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The day our sweet Eliza Grace was born was by far thee most exhilarating and beautify day of our lives. From the moment I went into labor to 32 hours hours later when my little was born.  Looking back at all of my photos and watching my sweet husband get me through every contraction, my moms sweet presence and my doula's healing hands help ease my pain is something I'm forever grateful for. Having a birth photographer gives you the opportunity to treasure it all for the rest of your life.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. Being able to provide with photos of the best day ever is one of my greatest joys!

I also offer Fresh 48 Sessions.  These lifestyle sessions are perfect sessions to capture your baby in their first hours of life. Their first yawns, first feedings, their little hands and toes, and those first quiet moments of you and your baby. These photos are taken within 48 hours after baby is born in the hospital or at your home if you delivered at home. 

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  • What if I go into labor at 1am? Will you be there?

Absolutely. I will be on call 24/7. 

  • There are certain things I am just not comfortable with you getting on camera, is that OK? 

Yes! We can go over what you are comfortable with me photographing and anything you are not comfortable with. 

  • What if I am having a C-Section? 

Every birth experience is special and beautiful. I can not promise I can get photos during a C-Section due to many hospitals regulations. I always advise that you triple check with your delivering doctor and hospital. If I am not able to, there are many other important moments that I am able to capture for you outside of the operating room!

  • Which hospitals are you able to travel to for my birth? 

Any hospital in the Tampa Bay Area. St Joseph's Women's Hospital, St Joseph's North, Tampa General Hospital, Florida Hospital, and any Tampa/Brandon Birthing Centers. If your hospital is not listed, just ask! :)

  • When do you arrive? 

I like to be there once you are 5-6cm and having intense, active contractions. We will be in communication before to make sure I arrive at the perfect time. 

  • How long do you stay after the baby is born? 

I stay up to two hours postpartum. If you wish to add time, we can always add that to your package! 

  • What happens if you miss my birth? 

While I make every effort to get there as fast as I can (I literally run, even when your just 5 cm, because you just never know)...birth is truly unpredictable and our bodies all work at different paces! If I happen to miss the delivery, I will still do my very best to tell your birth story as best as I can.

  • How many images can I expect?

Every birth varies in length and preference. I aim to deliver between 100-200 edited images. 

  •  Will you share my birth story on social media? 

I love to share beautiful and powerful stories of birth. My desire is that through my images people see how beautiful the miracle of life is. However, I will always respect families who wish to keep their birth story private. During our consultation, we will discuss what your wishes are as far as sharing via social media. 



If you're thinking about birth photography, leave me your information on the contact page and I'll email you or call you to schedule a good time for a coffee date.....or ice cream because I am who doesn't love ice cream while a babe is cooking in your belly?!