Hello! I'm Jocelyn. I am a Photographer and Doula living in the Tampa Bay Area with my sweet husband and our little girl! I specialize in birth and lifestyle photography! I love my family, my church, singing, writing, and shopping! I've always been extremely passionate about birth and the beautiful gift of life. To be able to witness so many beautiful babies make their way earth side is perhaps one of the greatest things I get to do! The first time I documented a birth, I just knew it was what I was created and called to do. I do what I do with much joy, love and passion. The miracle of life is something that continues to leave me in awe. 

After having my daughter in 2017 and having a very, what I before called (I've now healed and embraced my birth), a traumatizing experience, I decided to pursue my career as a doula. If it were not for my doula, my birth process would have gone a lot differently, and I don't mean that in a good way. I completed training and received my Doula Certification in March of 2018 with Barefoot Birth-Charlie Rae Young LM, CPM. My desire is to continue to learn about the birth process and support, and encourage women in one of the most pivotal times of our lives. Births is beautiful but from my own experience can get stressful. My role is to relieve you of that stress by providing emotional support, and guidance throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. 

While birth is my main thing, I also love lifestyle photography. It's always a joy to photograph beautiful families, women growing their littles and itty bitty babies! 

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