Melody's Birth | November 3, 2017

Earlier this year, I decided it was time to do a BIG giveaway! Towards the end of my pregnancy I put a hold on birth photography and about 4 months after having Eliza I decided it was time to slowly get back into the grind! What better way than with a HOME BIRTH session?! I absolutely love home births so I was extremely excited about this. I had 6 moms enter and reading their stories was just beautiful.

Melody was our winner! We got to chat a little over IG and a couple weeks later we met for brunch and it was such a blast. Melody is one of the sweetest, strongest and God fearing woman I have ever met! I feel so grateful to have been her birth photographer. 

Friday night at 9:27 Melody text me that contractions were starting to pick up and were 5 minutes apart. I was a bit of a drive so I decided to head her way. I arrived at about 10:15pm and BOY AM I GLAD I RAN! At 10:57, sweet Tanner was in his mama's arms! It was so beautiful....